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Hey there, I'm Enrique, but you can call me Kike! I'm your go-to certified tour guide with tons of experience in transportation and tours, specializing in giving you that personalized touch. If you're exploring the Guanacaste province in Costa Rica, I've got you covered with private shuttle services and tailored tours.

Since we're a small outfit, we're all about flexibility, affordability, and being straight-up reasonable compared to the big guys. Plus, I've got a crack team of tour guides who not only know their stuff but also value the human connection with our guests. We'll whisk you away to Costa Rica's hidden gems and must-see spots like old pals.

When you roll with us, you're not just another tourist – you're part of the family. We believe the real treasure of our business is the unforgettable memories you'll take home about this beautiful country.

Oh, and speaking of beauty, we're all about keeping Costa Rica green and pristine. We're proud to be Carbon Neutral Promoters, and we're counting on you to help us keep it that way. Say no to plastic footprints on our tours – bring your own water in recyclable containers, and let's keep this paradise thriving. Much appreciated!

Thanks a million for choosing Costa Rica. Let's make some incredible memories together!

All the best,

Enrique "Kike" & Team

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